7|23|14 ➟ That Little Shit

Happy Birthday Uchiha Sasuke ♥ 

"Everything has sucked? Come off it! Does that mean that everything since I was born has sucked?" - Touka Kirishima




I will never not reblog this, because it just gives me so many feels.

This… Is how ever artist is - whether we draw, write or even roleplay… Our characters speak to us, they let us know how they feel, how they think… It’s why I cherish each character I have ever rp’d because… They’ve become a part of who I am. All of the characters I write as… I give life to and that to me is a beautiful thing.


If Donnie came to life… he’d be like a little brother to me. *tears up*
"Aw… mun! That’s so sweet."
A little brother that I occasionally practice kissing on.
"Aw… mun… that’s a little less sweet."

Why is everybody so kind here? Oh, yep, that‘s not real life.


"okay class who wants to present first"