let’s be real: we’re all gonna cheat

Tokyo Ghoul Opening


OFF headcanon

"… I guess it’s better like that."



Tyson the Swan

Tyson will attack you if you come within a two-mile stretch of the Grand Union Canal in Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire. Joe Davies learned this the hard way and capsized.


*headstrong by trapt plays*

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  • Name: Alessandro.
  • Nickname: Ale, Hale, Halle, Jandro, Bonfo.
  • Birthday: August 10, 1996.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Sexuality: Straight.
  • Height: 177 cm.
  • Time zone: +1.
  • What time and date is it there: 31/08/2014 - 11:47 PM.
  • Average hours of sleep I get each night: 9.
  • OTPs: None, actually xD.
  • The last thing I Googled was: Akatsuki no Kuruma.
  • First word that comes to mind: Clock.
  • What I last said to a family member: It was pouring.
  • One place that makes me happy and why: My sister’s room, I don’t know why xD.
  • How many blankets I sleep under: 2.
  • Favourite beverage:  Dunno, maybe still water xD.
  • The last movie I watched in the cinema: Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Hangyaku no Monogatari.
  • Three things I can’t live without: Music (Kalafina), tennis, Smite.
  • Something I plan on learning: Japanese, playing MOBA.
  • A piece of advice for all my followers: It’s never late to be what you might have been. - George Eliot.
  • You have to listen to this song: Oblivious - Kalafina.
  • My blog(s): Nowhere’s Horizon.

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Writing a RWBY Fanfic


When writing a RWBY fanfic, remember the five 5 W’s



I made more. I can’t be stopped.